An independent, boutique publishing company


We develop talented indie authors who want to imbibe on passion, art, and success.


It’s your vision; like a trusted pair of reading glasses, we make it sharper. Our editing experts utilize a wealth of line and content editing experience to help you tell the cleanest, purest version of your story.


Giant publishing houses throttle their authors. By using local publishing and distribution resources, we ensure a higher profit for the author on every book sold. Our quality is equal to that of any traditional publishing house at a fraction of the price.


Each book is as unique as the person who wrote it, with its own attributes, benefits, and personality. We treat every new book as a new product, tailoring our marketing to suit the story you tell and the people you want to tell it to.


Profit provides possibilities. At Drunk Publishing, those possibilities belong to you. Our publishing and promotion techniques put more money in your pocket and put the focus on the person who deserves it most: the author.


We specialize in cultivating talented indie authors and their art.
An independent publishing and marketing boutique

Drunk Publishing strives to break the unrelenting stranglehold of big publishing houses on literary success and show small-time authors how possible it is to turn their passion into a profession.

As a tall, stiff shot to the gullet of Big Publishing, the mavens at Drunk Publishing place the emphasis on the author and give a voice to gifted artists who are tired of being shown the door because they don’t want to be pigeonholed.

From the first draft to the first sale, our team of professionals is here to guide you through the steps of publishing your book before your masterpiece converges with our grassroots marketing strategies that will get your book in the hands of the readers who mean the most.


Writing + Publishing + Marketing, oh my!
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We welcome submissions of all kinds with a preference for Oklahoma writers.